Mathieu Blanchard: how is he training?

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  • Jun 03, 2021

Mathieu Blanchard is a french professional ultra trailer. He’s specialized in very long running distances with Salomon. In France, he’s famous since he played in the KohLanta adventure reality show in 2020. During this TV game, he described himself as “one of the 50 top ultra-trailers in the world”. So, let’s check his training. Luckily, he publishes very often on his Strava pro running profile.

Even if Mathieu is a pro runner, his trainings are not only focused on running. He’s riding a bike sometimes - in the mountains (150km/month approx.). And he’s swimming a little bit. From January, 1st 2021 to June, 3rd 2021, here are the distances accomplished by running in 5 months:

  • 943km
  • 35 workouts
  • 45.000m D+

Let’s do some math:

  • 943km /35 = Mathieu is running 27km average, at each session. He’s looking for endurance, for sure.
  • 45km /5 = 8km D+ each month. It’s like climbing the Mont Blanc, 2 times each month.
  • 943km / 6 = 188,6km each month with 8km D+. This means he’s running a 4/5% drop, each session.

Even if Mathieu is looking for endurance sessions on uphill slopes, his personal bests are incredible:

  • 2'12 - 1km
  • 15'15 - 5km
  • 32'20 - 10km
  • 1h08'45 - half marathon
  • 2h27'33 - marathon

How to follow Mathieu Blanchard?

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